PhonePresenter 1.02 Arrives

PhonePresenter 1.02 was released on April 10th.  Here's everything new about it.


Finally Cross-Platform

With the release of 1.02, PhonePresenter works across Windows, Mac, and Linux.  No matter what operating system you're on, you can now use PhonePresenter.

PhonePresenter on Windows
PhonePresenter on Mac
PhonePresenter on Linux

Improved Error Handling

Instead of just shutting down, PhonePresenter now displays an error if the required port is taken.


Minor Security and Bug Fixes

As always, there are those hardly noticeable bugs that aren't worth mentioning.


How to Upgrade

Upgrading PhonePresenter to 1.02 is easy!  Just download the installer and run it to automatically upgrade your installation of PhonePresenter.

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